Sleep together with “Compagnia della Notte”.

“Compagnia della Notte” is a brand new collections by Altrenotti specialists since three generations in design matresses and bed productions with aims to ensure a peaceful and relaxing rest for everyone. With this mission the R&D office achieve a costant development process targeted to improve the comform needs in order to assure to the user greater benefit in term of health.

Feel free to choose your style. Linen cotton leather faux leather technical fabrics mixed together with over 500 bed linens combinations allow to personalise with a contemporary and trendy appearance “Compagnia della Notte” bed’s collections. Tailor made seans comes out of three generation’s experience and translate the trends of the moment giving expression to the personality of each consumer. “Compagnia della Notte” beds are fully removable and 100% made in Italy in to Altrenotti plants.

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