Toppers by Biorest Concept Bed

“makes the difference”

The ALTRENOTTI research and develop centre is always looking for new solutions and new kind of products in order to constantly improve our clients rest. Of course in the new collection 2016 “BIOREST CONCEPT BED” there are our toppers. Independent mats coordinated with BIOREST mattresses exalt comfort performance, preserve mattress, and they are adaptable to each model. The cladding is MICROTENCELL HD LUXURY GOLDEN TOUCH, personalized, hypoallergenic, resistant to bacteria, machine washable at 60 degrees! It is quilted and enriched with the exclusive BLENDED FOUR SEASONS by ALTRENOTTI.

It’s not just a detail but an added value!


Pillow by Biorest Concept Bed

“makes the difference”

The ALTRENOTTI research and development centre study of course pillows, that’s performing, improving, and completing the great ergonomic project of BIOREST CONCEPT BED! The importance of pillow is often underestimated, as if any pillow is good for our sleep! Instead of this it has such an importance that we have decided to propose to each one his own pillow! It’ only after you have proved it, you have chosen it and you have used it that you can understand its importance! Not only a pillow but YOUR pillow! They are designed, manufactured, and packed in our specialized department. We give importance also to couture using a double cladding textured with our brand in order to ensure the origin and the MADE in ITALY quality by ALTRENOTTI!

We have chosen and used the best productive process for our pillows: thanks to the “RAW CUT TO BLOCK” the pillow is completely hygienic, breathable, and it allows the constant release of moisture and excessive heat. It has no contraindications!


Linen and Accessorises by Biorest Concept Bed

“makes the difference”

The research and development centre and ALTRENOTTI design have thought of everything! Also bed supply: they coordinated textiles and couture,  they designed sheets, duvets, quilts, and accessorises. As usual we use only the most luxurious fabrics of cotton satin, valued damasked linens ,natural linens! We have always used only the highest quality, and the great skill of our tailors, interpreting carefully the taste and trends. It has not been difficult to complete the BIOREST CONCEPT BED path. We have gone through the study of new ergonomics solutions for biorest mattress, their somier, the topper, the functionality and emotionality of its headboards, landing with such commitment and seriousness to the most ‘exclusive lingerie! Only by completing the project: Biorest CONCEPT BED, we feel ready to suggest not a bed project, but YOUR BED! It will be different from mine or from that of our friend, because you build and choose it in your image and likeness!